The THIRTY Garage Lurkers

Do-It-Yourself / Grassroots

Garage Lurkers are DIYers.   They try to do what they can by themselves..... welding, assembly, painting, seats, electrical, whatever!   But the reality is that you can't always do everything so you must sometimes reach out for help!


All of the bikes chosen by  the Garage Lurkers are vintage (25 years or older).  Many start out as junk or inoperable.  The vision is left up to the Garage Lurker.


The Garage Lurkers all choose what to do with their projects.  Some choose to do preservations or restorations while others choose to do customizations.  Styles can be whatever - bobbers, cafes, brats, choppers, chobbers, boppers, trackers, scramblers.....

THIRTY Lurkers

We have chosen thirty Garage Lurkers to bring their recent garage projects to the show and show them off.  Garage Lurkers can range from inexperienced/"never done this before" and all the way to "this is a peice of cake".  The idea is to show what people are really working on these days in their garages - not to just to show off the best.


Many of the Garage Lurkers have won prizes from sponsors to assist them with their builds!!!  Some of the prizes includes tools, paint job, coatings, leather work, gift certificates and beer.


These thirty garage lurkers show the true diversity of what is going on out there in peoples' real garages over the winter.   This comes with no bias or discrimination - essentially, the first 30 applicants that were doing vintage, grassroots, recent garage builds were chosen!!!  The bike makes, styles and experience were all random!